Sustainability reporting 2020 and 2021

as part of the signing of the UN Global Compact

Thinking responsibly. Acting sustainably.

Environmental protection is a central theme for our time. As a leading brand for office furniture and room systems with their own production facility in Germany, König + Neurath are aware of their role model function – and their own capacity to influence. Conservation of nature and sustainable business are key aspects of our corporate culture.

Sustainability is the highest principle in all our business operations. Only an organisation that has concern for the future has a future.

Egon König

Our commitment to the environment is reflected throughout the organisation, which affects all employees and is visible in our business activities at many levels. It’s more than just adhering to legal requirements. We’d like to go beyond that and make full use of every opportunity to keep unavoidable impact on the environment to an absolute minimum. Our goal is a circular business model, using materials that can be recycled to improve our eco-balance even more and conserve resources.

We are König + Neurath

We create working environments and one aspect of our corporate policy is to create a workplace setting for our own employees that goes above and beyond legal requirements. The focus here is on workplace safety and employee development.

  • Promoting diversity: Diversity and appreciation have a positive impact on our business success.
  • Employee satisfaction has priority: One way of identifying the good workplace climate and positive inter-employee network is the average time spent in employment at the company. In this company it’s 15 years.
  • Developing potential: In order to attract, promote and retain talent, we focus on the individual, needs-oriented development of our employees.
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Responsibility for our environment

More and more customers want to know about the origin of products. They invest in reliable quality and fairly produced articles. In view of limited resources and with an eye to the future, manufacturers are also increasingly producing in an economical, quality- and sustainability-conscious manner. All of our behavior is geared toward reducing the burden on the ecosystem and thus preserving an intact habitat for future generations.

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Sustainable from the idea to the product

Ecology determines our value chain. This begins at the product development stage. We are committed to continuously improving environmental protection throughout the entire manufacturing process. An innovative investment policy enables us to use resource-saving production processes, environmentally friendly materials and forward-looking logistics.

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